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Cutting ties 2 2, 8:40pm


Well that means a default to world trade terms if the idiots in Brussels allow the bigots in Madrid to dictate a no deal solution. And the blame for that will be clear for all bar the most bigoted EU-nationalists.

Your wrong of course in saying that Britain did the right thing in joining the EU. Apart from the huge economic and social costs it went against Britain's long term interests in that it made possible a large autocratic bloc over most of Europe. By doing so we killed off the EFTA which provided an alternative to the EEC and might well have been a lot more attractive to much of eastern Europe once the Soviet empire fell. Europe might have been markedly more vigerous and successful if its people's had some options rather than one camp which put ideology and delusions ahead of the needs of its people. Its unlikely the Euro would have caused the economic chaos it had in such a scenario - or at least the damage would have been restricted to those unlucky/unwise enough to be members of the EU.