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Cutting ties 2 2, 9:58pm

Englad: This union is stupid, I am sick of people taking decisions for me that benefit others but hardly me! I am leaving!
Scotland: Same, same.
Englad: Oh, it's nice to see you came around about this whole silly story! Now lets get to work, we have plenty of it!
Scotland: Haha, no silly, I mean this union. As in the United kingdom, I quit. But no hard feelings, right?
England: Of course old cha-...EXCUSE ME, WHAT?!
Wales: Wait, we can do that?


Next time, in united and restless, will England regret his choices? Will Scotland pack his things and leave for good? Will Wales pick a side? What do the Irish twins have to say? We will find out in the next episode "Bitter tea, bitter feelings." stayed tunned!