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Cutting ties 3 2, 3:35am

@OneOfThemOregonians I agree.
I have said that the brits have the politicians they deserve, and the british politicians have the people they deserve.
Cameron agreed to have the referendum, firmly beliving Brexit could not win. So he made the people cast their votes, without knowing what they were voting for. Since no Brexit deal had been agreen upon yet. And once the referendum was over, there was no plan to have a new referendum once the deal had been made. So this was just planned as a fake referendum by Cameron, since he had no plans for how to deal with the consequenses, if Brexit won the vote.
And as you said, a lot of people voted for Brexit, just as an FU vote to the politicians, without actually wanting Brexit to win. And when people misuse their voting rights that way, that shows that they do not deserve a democracy, and that they consider the democracy to be a joke.