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Cutting ties 3 2, 9:02am

'@photondancer' "Where do stupid politicians come from? Stupid voters."

You'll never get the perfect politician or the perfect system but you WILL get trash if that's all you put into it. Most voters are arrogantly ignorant about some of the most basic topics and willing to embrace or reject politicians for the worst reasons. I'd hazard that NOBODY liked Bojo the clown, but they still voted for him against their own interest and against what they say they want in the opinion polls. In my periphery, the loudest voices screaming their hatred for Jeremy Corbyn have been the ones who hate Johnson's positions even more, but want to 'punish' Corbyn for being too close to Johnson's positions.

To draw an analogy, this is like being offered pie or broccoli for dessert, and choosing the broccoli because "the pie wasn't sweet enough."

And this is nothing on the blinkered ignorance. The most popular pro-Brexit memes were all proven to be bald-faced lies, yet they were still the most popular and convinced the most Brexiteers. And pointing it out or trying to correct misconceptions resulted in hatred and rejection. How do you correct someone's misconceptions when they blame you and get mad for correcting them?