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Cutting ties 3 2, 3:47pm

Perfect is the enemy of good.

You're using history as an example of what's to come.

What was Europe before EU.
Protectionist nationalist countries in conflict surrounding resources and the language on the borders. Differing regulations, differing legislation with resulting borderchecks and tariffs.

What is Europe now.
Open borders for trade and movement of people for member nations of the EU.

What is EUs role in this?
Legislative/Regulation/Peer pressure.
Compromises has been found, regulations has been unified and legislation in many historically corrupt countries has been redone to meet the worlds highest criteria.

What does the EU consisting of?
It's memberstates and their leaders and population. Both it's faults and its strenghts, corrupt politicians? Nothing new. Skilled bureaucrats? In most cases yes, especially compared to the rest of the world.

What is the goal of the EU?
Ever closer integration as laid out in the treaty.

Is this achieveable?
None can predict, however US is an good example, open borders between its states, trade and a single currency. EU has been throughout it's existance and even before. Learned from the US as an example.

Is this good for it's population and member states?
Depends on what metric you use, and what you see as ''good''. EU works for its members and its population while following the treaties that has been ratified.

Has there ever been something like the EU before?
No, it is unprecedented. It's organization and its function has never been seen before. Closes thing could be the Old Swiss confederation, founded by it being surrounded by Empires, which very existence pushed the smaller states together as a counterweight to the threat they posed. Not unlike the EU which now very much exists in a new global world of superpowers.

What is the future of the EU?
Most likely? incremental reforms building and adjusting the union to meet both new challenges ahead and tackle long struggeling issues.