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Cutting ties 3 2, 10:49pm


See your being very selective in what information/decisions you use there. The people of Britain have very little say in the politicians that rule them, both at London and at Brussels.

Cameron agreed the referendum simply because he couldn't avoid it, especially after the EU decided to treat his pleas for change, no matter how minor with complete contempt. Having got nothing from the EU and made a commitment he knew had been important in getting him into power and in preventing the collapse of his party he had no choice.

It was expected that remain would win, which is probably a factor in many people, especially on the leave side not voting. However leave did win and regardless of you contempt for democracy that is the key factor. Whether that was in part because of a protest vote against their helplessness in the face of established power in both Brussels and London or in part because those established elites have believed their own delusions or not we will never know.

Your stance is that of the autocrat. When people make a protest vote because that's the only way they can have any say that represents a problem with the established system NOT the people. The fact your response to people disagreeing with you is to suggest they should not have any say is an indicator that you are unfit for power, not right to seek to deny others what little power they have. I suggest you actually read what you said and think over it.