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Cutting ties 3 2, 11:03pm

'@stevep59' The problem isn't "Everything is Britain's fault". The problem is your own posts say NOTHING is Britain's fault. You end up defining EVERYONE who disagrees with you or stands up to your hegemony as "terrorist".

You even set up the failure to be "their" fault. Consider a Northern Ireland referendum that decides for reunification 49-46 (with 5% 'undecided', according to the most recent poll I could dig up). Oh that can EASILY be defined as "undemocratic" or "caused by fanatics" and ignored. Massive violations of EU sovereignty along the Irish border? Well they better not set up checkpoints or block trade because it will all be THEIR fault.

You have brooked NO possibility that London will demand checkpoints and cargo-inspections if illegal goods/materials/people come into the UK through Ireland. Tell me, if 2000 muslims go through Ireland to northern Ireland to England are you going to demand checkpoints on the border? Will that be Britain violating the GFA or will you still blame the EU as you seem to always do?

You even make it clear that in your mind only the good, proper, socially-acceptable Anglicans are "tolerant" while any catholic is...what? A terrorist apparently?

Screamed insults to make you feel better and reject responsibility for the mess YOU made.