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Cutting ties 3 2, 11:31pm


Well there's a lot of outright falsehoods there. I haven't said nothing is Britain's fault at all. I have often complained about the behaviour of the British government. However I have also pointed out that the EU has done a lot of things wrong and that is what you find so totally unacceptable. That your beloved autocratic megastate is in any way less than perfect and it shouldn't be questioned at all.

Ditto with the pretense that I'm calling everybody who opposed me having a say in my government a terrorist. Even for someone as bigoted and closed mind as you that's a hell of a fabrication. I have only called people who believe in the use of force - often lethal - to get their way terrorists. Ditto its farcical that a desire to have a say in how my country is control and opposing it being dictated to by others is being hegemonic.

If by "their" you mean the EU then that is accurate. They are the only group that wants to end the GFA, unless all their demands for continued control of the EU are met. Its the EU that is threatening border controls unless they get everything exactly as they demand in every detail. You admit yourself that the EU has continually threatened to do so. Although its more a case of "not getting everything Brussels wants" than massive violations of EU sovereignty".

I know of no desire on the British side to set up such checkpoints, only on the EU side. There would be an issue if illegal immigrants or say criminals used the open border to smuggle say drugs or people across the border but as they have made clear the EU is the ones who want to close the border. Such actions would of course be a massive violation of British sovereignty but since you see the British as a slave population who should have inflicted on them anything Brussels wants you see that as no problem, being a total hypocrite.

For your information I'm not a Christian so your religious bigotry missed the point there. I've never said anything against any religious group, although I rejected the ideas of the Abrahamic religions on moral grounds decades back so again your totally talking BS. I have talked about terrorist and extremists and during the period of the so called troubles the IRA and other such groups probably killed more Catholics than their fellow vermin on the so called 'Loyalist' side.

I don't know of any recent 'referendum' although it sounds like your referring to some poll? As I've said before I've never opposed the idea of a united Ireland, nor to the best of my knowledge has any element of the British government. The problem has been we oppose the idea of unification by force. If the north voted to leave the UK and join with the south I would wish them well, which would not just be because the EU would lose their power to continue threatening the ending of the GFA to try and extract further concessions from Britain.

Screaming insults like you do probably do make you feel better about your stupidity but it only show how empty and moral free you are.