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Cutting ties 4 2, 1:22pm

'@stevep59' "I haven't said nothing is Britain's fault at all."
Actually you did. Or at least you said literally everything is the fault of someone besides Britain. I don't find the implicit v. explicit hair-split to be compelling or interesting. But it's fine, at least *when pressed* you'll admit Britain messes up from time to time.

"However I have also pointed out..."
No, you haven't. You've made assumptions and straw-men and had a surprising amount of trouble pushing them down.

"Ditto with the pretense that I'm calling everybody who opposed me having a say in my government a terrorist."
No, you called anyone ELSE who has a say in your government a terrorist. And yes, you *did* do that.

"If by "their" you mean the EU then that is accurate. They are the only group that wants to end the GFA, "
And here's where the hypocritical lie is. NO ONE wants to end the GFA, but both sides are demanding an end to things that the GFA relies upon to exist. To put it simply:
-The GFA relies on an open border for people and goods between the two territories.
-'sovereignty' and 'consumer standards' rely on both sides of the border being able to CLOSE it to things they don't want. UK refuses to be bound by EU standards. EU refuses to lock down things the UK wants locked down. NEITHER side wants to take the blame but both sides are demanding things that will violate the treaty*.

"as they have made clear the EU is the ones who want to close the border"
You keep claiming this with zero evidence. And look, here's a leaver saying he wants border controls: Of course once he had to do more than throw stones and was asked to come up with an actual plan he...threw stones and demanded Brussels do it for him.

"I know of no desire on the British side to set up such checkpoints, "
Well I just gave you one. Further examples run into the same problem your own LACK of "EU Checkpoint supporters" has; that no one actually wants to end the GFA but they don't know how to do anything else (besides give up their own self-rule to some now-foreign entity).

"your religious bigotry...I've never said anything against any religious group,"
You said: "a million resentful Protestants somehow forced into their state, albeit the latter is a lot more tolerant"

"The problem has been we oppose the idea of unification by force."
Your implicit assumption any such vote would be under threat and force continues to be problematic.

"Screaming insults"
Hard no. I'm not bothering with insults. Just making observations on the things you have said and implied.

"better about your stupidity"
THAT, on the other hand...that's an insult.

Bottom line: Brexiteers decided to change things, the burden of figuring out how to make the changed things work is on them. The EU owes you NOTHING in terms of changing their own rules to fit your new ones.

*If it's not technically a "treaty" blah blah blah no one cares.