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Cutting ties 7 2, 3:17am

@OneOfThemOregonians It's a bit more complicated than that. There were plenty of people who realised there were EU rules/regulations/agreements that hurt their interests in some areas, and they wanted to be rid of those. Many of them also recognised there were EU rules/regulations/agreements that they benefited from, but many were persuaded that those things would obviously continue if 'Leave' won - after all, those were sensible - that it didn't persuade them not to support Leave.
Some have started to realise that the second part of their scenario isn't happening, like the Cornish people who rather plaintively asked for assurances that the UK government would fund several projects that the EU paid for once the EU money stopped after Leave, or the farmers who suddenly seem bothered that UK food standards will have to change for a trade deal with the US.