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My Corona 9 2, 9:59pm


Very true. On a discussion/AH site I'm a member of the web master has kept us updated and its expanded so damned rapidly. A week back it still had less cases reported than Sars but by yesterday it had about 4 times as many and Sars was about for several months before it was closed down.

The saving grace so far is that the lethality rate is a lot less then Sars but if it continues expanding at this rate I fear there's going to be a lot of people dying. :( Probably not just in China which has had virtually all the fatalities so far. If I'm reading the news reports correctly one person, the 3rd Briton affected - caught it while in Singapore - a major centre of air travel - while at a business meeting, spent 3-4 days at a ski resort in France, which has seen a number of infected people including a family of 5 more Brits and then came home before being detected as infected. That shows how easily it can be spread and is very worrying in the present times of very easy travel.

Hopefully someone can find a vaccine pretty quickly although I can see some corners cut on testing to get such into production and use early. Or that, while bad for China, we have caught it early enough that it never gets a foothold outside that country.