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My Corona 10 2, 3:06pm


Oh, little nCoV, nCoV,
When you gonna come infect ME, CORONA?
Ooh, you make my sinus run, my sinus run,
Caught you crossin' over the SEA, CORONA!

Never gonna stop, give it up, such a dirty crowd,
I always catch the germs that you breath from your filthy mouths,
Aye-aye-aye-aye-aye, WOOO!
My-my-my-MY CORONA!!

Come a little closer, huh, a-will ya, huh?
Close enough to cough in my FACE, CORONA!
This illness a mystery, it's killin' me,
Now I got me an acute CASE, CORONA!!

Headache never stop, and this cough, got a fever now,
CDC, they think they'll contain, but they don't know how,
My-my-my-MY CORONA!!

When you gonna get to me, and finish me,
Is it just a matter of TIME, CORONA?
Is this just a cold or flu, or is it you,
Or is this sickness all in my MIND, CORONA?

Never see it comin', quarantine is a great big lie,
Everyone just chill, make your peace, we all gonna die,
My-my-my-MY CORONA!!