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Cutting ties 19 2, 7:30pm


So your say "your mother is an ho" is a well thought-out and carefully phrased argument?

If you actually read my statements I've made no comments about the empire at all. I was referring to trade agreements with other powers, largely the dominions and Argentina, from which we used to get a lot of our foodstuffs from at much cheaper rates that the EEC [as it was then] replacements. Not cheaper because the relationship was exploitative in any way, simply because their better positioned to produce food cheaply and the EEC was burdened by the CAP, which was grossly inefficient. They were largely cut out of trade with Britain after we joined with strict quotas, which was a loss of important markets for them and an additional burden on Britain in terms of more expensive food.

There is one relationship with what you might call the colonial states, in that Britain used to get its banana's and possibly similar crops from its former Caribbean colonies. This was actually dear than other producers in central American but Britain did manage to continue giving them some preferential access to the British market for a couple of decades until the EEC - possibly EC or EU by then put a stop to it.

Your barking up the wrong tree with references to the empire. I'm not a supporter of people being held against their will in another state - not just when those people are my own. I recognise bad things happened in the British empire, as in others although Kenya is possibly not the best example for you to pick as the brutal "attempt to keep control" was to suppress a really brutal campaign of rape, torture and murder of civilians. There is evidence that British and loyalist forces did commit their own excesses, especially by 2020 standards but please don't take things out of contents. The Ma Mau were suppressed not because they were agitating for Kenyan independence but because they were murderous terrorist.

Ditto you could say with the Suez Canal. It was private property agreed by treaty which the Egyptian government seized without any compensation. Can you imagine what the response of the US government would have been at that same sort of date if Panama had tried to do something similar to the canal there?

The empire was pretty much dead by the time we joined the EEC but, contrary to the suggestions being put forward by the haters it was a non-issue. Britain had its own internal problems, some going back centuries and they made them worse twice in the 70's, 1st by joining the EEC which didn't fit in with Britain's more open trading culture and then by inflicting Thatcherism on the country from 79 onwards.

That is the key point I'm making. There are problems on both sides but the dishonest suggestion its all the fault of the "evil English" who are rabidly racists, imperialistic etc whereas Brussels has never done anything wrong is a flash representation of the facts. People often choose to hate rather than understand because hating is easy but it doesn't actually solve any problems.

I have often spent quite a while writing detailed explanations of my arguments and points and then get a lazy response, "your a troll" . Apart from one case a few months ago who gave references, but also kept lying about me, no one has actually tried to argue against my points. As such I have never dismissed anyone as a troll until their shown their earned that description,