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Leap Year 2 3, 12:31am

There used to be a US comic strip called Li'l Abner, in which there was an annual celebration ... sort of ... called Sadie Hawkins Day.

The backstory was: in the fictional small rural town called Dogpatch, there was once a young woman named Sadie Hawkins whom nobody wanted to marry. Her father, in desperation, set up a race: all the unmarried men had to run, Sadie ran after them, and the one she caught had to marry her. (Sort of a reverse Atalanta.)

Sadie Hawkins Day has been held every year since in Dogpatch, in which all the unmarried men have to run, the unmarried women get to chase them, and any man who gets caught has to marry the successful huntress.

The [dis]advantage [depending on your gender] is that this happens once a year, instead of every four.

The cartoonist (Al Capp) died long ago, and I don't *think* the strip runs any more.