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Leap Year 2 3, 9:56am

@NaCltyGrl At my High School in the Pacific Northwest they'd generally throw at least one Sadie Hawkins dance a year. It was simply a school dance where it was up to the girls to ask the boys to the dance instead of the boys asking the girls. The tradition has sort of faded away these days, and now pretty much anyone will ask anyone to the dance. I don't have any kids, but I have friends who have several. Just last year their middle daughter went to Prom with her best friend; another girl. No, they aren't a couple. They just wanted to go to the dance and didn't want to wait to be asked. Her older sister did the same thing about four years ago. She'd just broken up with her boyfriend but still wanted to go to the dance so she asked a girlfriend to go with her.

(That said, my Mother's maiden name is "Hawkins" and her grandmother's name was Mona. For some reason "Mona Hawkins" sounds like she might be Sadie's sister to me.)