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Cutting ties 6 3, 4:39pm


I fear as you say the EU will continue to refuse to accept we're leaving and continue to cherry pick itself. That's why Barnier is nicknamed Double Standards, because he's been doing such on a number of subjects from the start. Similarly with his BS that the EU will veto any deal which recognises that we're left.

In which case the only responsible option is the hard exit. If the EU refuses to give up control of Britain then to be frank they can go to hell. It takes two to tango, or to bargain and if the EU refuses to do so then we're wasting our time trying to talk to them. This would of course mean that the EU loses all say on British rules and regulations, all access to British fisheries and all further subsidies. Basically I, like many others are fed up with the EU mis-leadership and their lies, threats and insults.

As I've said before I recognise there is fault on both sides and as a liberal wouldn't trust Johnson and his gang any further than I could throw the Alps. However at least this way we get rid of one set of parasites. Hopefully then we can concentrate on removing the others.