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Balancing act 2 5, 4:39am


I utterly despise Trump and won't vote for him this election. However, that doesn't mean I think the media has been fair. They have hounded him on things that he was actually right about. For instance, his "shithole countries" remark. If you are turning hundreds of thousands of people into refugees, your country IS a shithole. Yet somehow his remark was considered the most obscene thing in the world. Even recently, he mused about how it's a shame that doctors don't have a way to use disinfectants internally, and somehow that became "TRUMP SUGGESTS PEOPLE SHOULD DRINK BLEACH!", when he absolutely didn't do that. Then, his followers being what they are, some of them see the media reports and then they DO drink bleach and end up in the emergency room.

Really, if I could have an election to remove the media itself...