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Balancing act 2 5, 5:57am

@CorruptUser Trump has been talking about closing down borders on and off for literally 4 years. When you talk about closing the border for no discernible reason, that's heavily indicative of racism.

Additionally, the one time he could've instituted restrictions on the US, and it would've been beneficial, Trump ignored literally all of the intelligence about the looming pandemic, and did nothing to prepare for it. Oh, and NOW he closes the borders to the US, and kills immigration, when its completely useless. The US is one of the worst affected countries on Earth by Covid. The virus is already here. If anything, we should be locking our people IN so we don't infect other countries, not locking people out.

If the only time you call for closing borders is when there's no reason for it, or when it's actively useless, you're probably not enacting good policy, you're just looking for an excuse to keep people from coming into this country of immigrants.

Also, the "January" comment is not only misleading, but the date is wrong. Trump heard about Covid in NOVEMBER. That's when he should have been acting. He had MONTHS to prepare and he did nothing.

Additionally, opening up the country right now without careful assessment of the situation WILL kill people. We don't know how many coronavirus cases there really are. We don't have the testing to safely lift the lockdowns, and the testing currently in place is abysmal. States like New York are being overrun by Covid deaths, to the point of medical workers calling it a "9/11 every day". States like California are considering gradually opening up because they locked down early enough to get a handle on the disease. But states like Georgia opening up, despite having to declare their outbreak a federal emergency less than a month ago, is insane.

Opening up without a plan is insane, and will get people killed. And blindly encouraging states to open their lockdown, and encouraging people to actively protest their lockdowns is damn near criminal.

Frankly, I'm really hoping Humon does a comic on the US's response, because I'm worried that international news, and some domestic news, isn't covering exactly how insane the US's federal response to Covid is.