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Balancing act 2 5, 12:13pm

Those people are fleeing places where the gangs are so well armed, stray bullets are flying through their living rooms at any time. You can hardly fault them for not wanting to try and raise your kids there (they might not survive to adulthood).

The abundance of guns are easily acquired by USA straw purchasers due to extremely lax gun control laws, who then sell them to the South American gangs at a considerable profit (gangs have drug money aplenty, but it's not like you can grow a crop of assault rifles in the jungle).

Right-wing USA groups (including Trump and many of his supporters) see a tide of brown faces marching north, fleeing from those violence-ridden countries and come to the obvious conclusion! "We need looser gun laws so we can protect ourselves from this dangerous invasion!" (Of people who don't want to live in a violent place; Oooh! Pacifists! How terrifying!)

So it's...
Loose gun laws >> guns are easily purchased by US gun runners and sold to S.A. gangs >> Refugees flee South America for (purportedly) less violent USA, hoping they and their children will be safe there. >> Refugees used as an excuse for looser gun laws.
Cycle repeats.