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Balancing act 3 5, 1:32am


I'm not entirely sure what you meant by that?
Newspapers will say a lot of different things and being "almost at the top" of any list could be either good or bad - depending on how the list is formulated.

My reply to DarkMage was just to point out that his claim is simply false - I have heard no one in Sweden claim we're doing better then our neighbours.

But what I have heard and believe as well, is that it's simply way too soon to talk about "winning" or "loosing" strategies.

This will be a marathon - not a sprint - and trying to crown winners now would be like claiming the person leading a marathon after 100 meters was bound to be the winner.

It's simply not rational.

We'll see in the end how the different strategies come out - but that's months or a year or more from now.