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Balancing act 3 5, 4:47pm


True - but it also goes much deeper then that.

The US has been treating South and Latin America as it's colonies for more then a century.
It's been coined the Monroe Doctrine to give it a fancy name, and officially it's about helping those countries - but in reality it's just all about exploiting them.

The US have backed dictators, instigated coups against democratically elected leaders, assassinated other leaders, funded civil wars and outright invaded countries that haven't done as they're told.

And all in the name of US corporate profits and US political interests.

So they've basically fucked that part of the world over for more then a century and created many of the conflicts that exist there today.

But most US citizens neither knows nor cares, because they where taught that the US is always the hero in the story and they prefer that lie to reality.

And the same goes for the rest of the world to a lesser extent.
The US has fucked countless countries over and understandably created enemies everywhere.

But since their voters are too ignorant to care what's being done in their name outside of their own country, they don't understand the ways their own nation has created many of the problems that now come back to bite them.