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Balancing act 4 5, 9:20pm


Where ever did you get that nonsense from?

It's certainly not true - I can tell you that.

At the press conference today (they're held every workday) , where the latest Swedish figures are published, they where as follows:

Overall free capacity in the health care system (intensive and non-intensive care): 30%
Total number of intensive care beds with ventilators: 1.050
Intensive care beds currently used to treat patients with Covid-19: 509

In other words: people - let alone the elderly - is certainly not being "turned away from treatment".

But please do tell us all where you got this preposterous idea that the health care service in Sweden is denying sick people treatment - it would be really interesting to see what kind of propaganda you fell for.

The Russians have been posting some other lies about Sweden regarding the Corona crisis - but I haven't heard this particular lie before.