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Another good example is the Samoan islands.
The USA has an obesity problem. It's something like 40% "overweight" and 30% "Obese". (The numbers shift a bit, year to year).
However Samoa has over 90% obese... and the USA did it to them.

Prior to WW2, Turkeys were mostly a special occasion bird, put on the table for big family gatherings like Thanksgiving and Christmas. After WW2 however, Americans started wanting to eat turkey year-round, so the industry responded by aggressively breeding more turkeys. Now it's in your supermarket every day right next to the chicken.

However, not every part of the Turkey is that delicious. There's a large gland in the tail that is extremely oily and greasy, and not exactly healthy eating, for all that it is technically edible. These "Turkey butts" were basically unsellable in nutrition-conscious US markets, but because turkey production had expanded so much, these waste turkey tails were piling up. The solution was to export them to a country with much less development in nutritional science and a more poorly educated population. Samoa.
The 3rd world island country quite happily imported all this cheap meat, and developed their own recipes for making the turkey butts tastier to eat. It became a staple food of their culture.

This started about 50 years ago. Now Samoans are so widely known for being hugely obese it's considered a racial trait of the people. There are organizations within the county trying hard to ban the turkey tails that are literally killing their people at an young age, and block their import into the country.

Reasonable, yes? This food is proven extremely unhealthy and the 90%+ obesity problem it's created is so severe it make's America's obesity issues seem like a joke.

However, the USA and its industries are fighting like hell to make blocking the import of a specific trade food ILLEGAL. The NAFTA, that Trump was so keen to renegotiate to be more favourable to US interests, was and still is heavily favourable to large countries like the US, and basically allows them to bully smaller countries like Samoa.

The turkey butts continue to flow. The fact that their import is directly leading a quarter-million brown-skinned people to die in their 40s is not sufficient cause for a few US corporations to find a less profitable solution to dispose of the millions of pounds of turkey-ass they produce every year.