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Balancing act 5 5, 11:10pm

I gotta agree with @Astrid_95
If healthcare system holds up, there's no need to impose harsher restrictions than necessary. Some people will die, unfortunately, but until hospitals are *over*crowded and capacity is exhausted, Swedish strategy works just fine.

Moreover, if vulnerable people aren't forced to go outside and can self-quarantine, that'd be the *safer* way for them, too. There will be less chances for them to get infected before herd immunity kicks in. And then chances drop even more.

And of course Sweden has the most cases and deaths per capita in Scandinavia *right now*, but guess what: these people would have been infected anyway, sooner or later. So, unless Swedish healthcare is overrun, that strategy should work for them just fine. Unfortunately, it's not readily applicable to all the countries.

But that works only if our assumptions regarding Covid-19 epidemiology are correct. If immune response isn't quite as strong as we hope, then Sweden is screwed. As well as the whole humanity, though.