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Balancing act 6 5, 8:43pm

@CorruptUser Well you are comparing things that does not really add up.
1: Yes Trump closed the borders but a: he still let 40.000 travelers from China in (making the closing somewhat pointless) and b: he didn't close the borders to other nations untill well after, even though the center of the virus had shifted from China to Europe at the time.
So yes, the crituqe of Trump was well founded, and although I would not call it racist, it was with an edge to nationality.

2: Yes he is wanting to open up again in the belief that it will help/save te economy... And that is really his only goal.
However doing so at a time where the Virus is shifting from the North to the South, and the daily death toll is still over 2000, its pretty hard to argue that he is wanting to kill a lot of people to save his economy, that he brags about so much.

You can think the media is hysterical... I wont argue against that, but I will point out that both the cases you choose, are true(!) and that he has been utterly incompetent.