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Balancing act 7 5, 3:08am

'@Schnakenburg' "Basic level being the genetics of the virus" antibodies do not attach themselves to genetic code. At worst Sweden is going to get mostly immune to strain local to Europe, at best there will be an immunity or at least some sort of cross-protection from several strains. Either way, their graph of daily cases doesn't look like a hellscape it's advertised to be.

" However it is not unheard of that you can get sick of the basic same virus again later "
There is difference between being sick and being tested positive. Last time I heard, cases in South Korea were positive tests to virus that was already rendered ineffective by immune response. Speculations aren't evidence.

"Seasonal flu" can be any variation of several distinct viruses. On top of that, immunity that some vaccines provide may last only for several months, therefore seasonal shots are aimed at the stains most likely to propagate during the year and have limited effectiveness.