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Balancing act 7 5, 4:52am

@Astrid_95 It is nonsense because the harm that would ensue as a result of the kind of incidence of Covid-19 necessary to create herd immunity would outweigh the harm of keeping the lockdown in place. I am not talking about deaths here, but about permanently damaged lung capacity, increased viral loads, and chronic fatigue ensuing in a significant portion of survivors, including younger ones. That is not only extremely damaging to those affected but also puts a large long term strain on the economy.

Regarding the opportunity costs of the lockdown, well, two years is a rather generous estimate for your point and most likely a vaccine will be developed much sooner than that (the question is more whether it can get through the entry barriers imposed by idiotic governmental regulatory agencies that ought not to exist in the first place), and the key is really just to get the infection rate below 1, which doesn't require a complete lockdown, but even if it did indeed require locking down the country for two years, then rest assured that is indeed something that could be done without civilisational collapse (though it would probably lead to a deflationary recession, since, as we've seen in recent history, ignorance of economics is widespread and it shows in how the actions of government everywhere are uniformly incredibly stupid.)