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Balancing act 7 5, 9:12am


People need to get into their skull that there is no such thing as a "herd immunity" strategy.
Not in Sweden, not in any country in the world.

Herd immunity is just a term for the situation when enough people form some form of immunity against a disease - and it will happen sooner or later and there is no strategy about it.

It was herd immunity that eventually saved mankind from every single deadly pandemic before we invented vaccines.

Just as today, people back then did the best they could to avoid becoming sick - but just as today some of them did anyway.

And eventually each population reached herd immunity and the pandemics petered out.

The only thing that changed this was the invention of vaccines - but since there is no vaccine against Covid-19 yet, all of mankind is back to herd immunity - whether we like it or not.

Because no country on earth can lock up it's entire population for a year or more before we hopefully have a vaccine.

Every single nation that went into lock down is now reversing those decisions - because there simply isn't another alternative.

So it's not about "Finland is starting to believe in Sweden's "herd immunity" nonsense" - it's the Finnish authorities accepting the simple fact that there is no other way to deal with this then to open up society, while doing the best you can to mitigate the consequences.

Yes - some people will get sick and some will die - but locking everyone up for a year or more is simply not possible.