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Balancing act 7 5, 9:44am


Ok then, so France choose to sacrifice their elderly as well? And Italy? And Britain? And Belgium, and the US and so on and so on?

No, there was no sacrificing of anyone anywhere - every nation obviously did their best to stop the disease with the resources they had and before this is over we won't know where it will end.

Early on Germany got lucky in that they managed to avoid the disease spreading to their elderly population.

The average age of the hospitalised Covid-19 patient was at one point 49 years in Germany - and at that age the disease is far less deadly.

But their luck didn't hold - and no, they didn't suddenly decide to sacrifice their elderly either.
Dispite their best efforts the disease spread anyway and the average age of hospitalised patients went up, and so did the death rate.

As long as the world doesn't get a vaccine, this will continue to happen - but hopefully on a smaller scale.

Because many elderly people need daily care and can't be completely isolated from all human contact.

And unfortunately, some time the disease will find it's way to them through their caregivers.