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Balancing act 7 5, 2:30pm

Finnish authorities are going to force children back to school JUST TWO WEEKS before the summer vacation, apparently thinking the children won't get seriously ill.

But what about, for example, their parents who might be vulnerable? Especially if the parents work in old people's homes or in hospitals? Or even just as cashiers or other service jobs where they deal with dozens or even hundreds of people face to face every day?

The teachers are opposing the choice anyway, saying internet schooling has worked just fine, two last weeks don't matter that much whether it's web schooling or school schooling, and it's a pointless risk, and the arrangements to attempt to keep it safe would hinder the teaching even more.

If you're still limiting the amount of people who can gather up to 50 or so, why are you showing hundreds of people in same school buildings when there is another option that has worked just fine?