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Balancing act 7 5, 11:29pm

Don't even try to slow the spread down? Do you think we're operating on 100% business as usual? Because that is very much not the case. Yes, some people are oblivious or in denial and ignore the directives, but for the most part I see people keep a 2 m distance, people don't go out unless they absolutely have to (a lot of places almost look like a ghost town), wash their hands... Those who can work from home, and high schools and universities operate via the net as far as they can, though yes, lower schools run as usual. I'll grant I'm not entirely happy with that policy.

I would like to see more people wear a mask, but that's proving difficult as hoarders grab all of them as soon as they show up in stores.

Calculations show that R for the epidemic is unlikely to be above 1.0 now (most likely below), a much slower spread than the R0 of at least 2.5.

Me, I'm getting sick pay (unrelated to covid-19), so I'm mostly a shut-in, only going out when I run out of food. It's a good time to get paid by the government for staying home.