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Balancing act 7 5, 11:48pm


"France, Germany, Belgium and the US have stricter restrictions than Sweden, btw."

Which was my point.
They have all had stricter restrictions (but are all starting to lift them now).
So did that work - did it save the elderly population?

No, it didn't.

Which in your way of arguing would prove that they too "sacrificed" their elderly population - like you claim Sweden did - since they didn't manage to protect them.

But in fact no country of course sacrificed it's elderly population - the disease found it's way to them despite the best efforts of every nation.

Which is why it's ridiculous for you to single out Sweden and claim that we somehow "sacrificed" our elderly.

"Sometimes" as in "sometimes caregivers will be able to pass on the infection to the elderly".
But not all caregivers are always infected themselves and even if they are, protective clothing will stop the spread of the disease many times.
So my point was that not every contact between caregiver and elderly will mean an infected elderly - but the risk will always be there as long as the world doesn't develop a vaccine.

And that's at least a year, probably more, from now.