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Balancing act 8 5, 6:33am

There are a lot of speculations here about the swedish strategy. Some straight up false accusations, some missunderstood/missinformed and a lot of know-it-all. As @Nisse_Hult wrote, our strategy has never been to achive heard imunity, but keeping the health care system from collapsing. Here bellow are some links of statisics, as well as interviews with our state epidemiologist and other interesting articles. Please read more than the head lines, since there is much more to it.

And some thoughts from a random swede in general: most of the swedes take this crisis and the recommendations from the government really serious. We keep our distance. We don't hang out with others if we are sick. We don't visit our elders. Care homes are closed for the public. Lots of business's are closed or has regulated their open-hours. Most cashiers and service staff are behind plexi glass screens. Staff in restaurants wear gloves - some wear masks - and has taken a lot of other measures to avoid contamination and keep people separated. A lot of greater companies has permited their staff or part of their work force, while struggling with keeping the machinery going.

We do this without being forced to, and it works. The health care system is not overloaded. The death rate curve is stable. We had problems with the care homes in the beginning, which accounts for the high death rate, but we keep on struggling, just as everybody else. Time will show which strategy that worked the best, in the meantime we do best not speculating. Remember that the Internet holds many "truths" that lack credibility.