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Balancing act 8 5, 1:39pm

@RazTheOne As an American, where we're facing the Wuhan Virus with the many inherent issues that led to greater spread, not the least of which being our ultra-flawed healthcare system, it is baffling to see Sweden taking so much flak on this, especially from countries with half their population. As far as I can see, Sweden's strategy seems pretty legitimate. The truth is, people certainly are going to die during a pandemic, and sure that's a sad thing. But a nation's economy cannot survive shutdown of business. Over here, we're being told we might have to stay shut down maybe even to the end of the year. It's friggin May. That just won't do. We'll be pushing out homeless like crazy (moreso than usual, anyway), even with these stimulus checks going around here, and in turn those increases in homelessness cause further vulnerability to the virus spreading. In the end, we're all gonna have to reopen, virus or no virus. Therefore, Sweden's approach allows for you guys to combat the virus while still maintaining a functioning society. And a better economy allows for better afforts against the pandemic. It is a balancing game. So while the numbers might look bad now (mostly from early issues) the future results are what really matter. This quarantine approach that others have hinges on scientists figuring things out before our economies buckle under and take our healthcare systems with it, which they likely won't.

Now, let me just issue a diclaimer after the fact for everyone else out here. Obviously, as an American, I'm not really in any position to ridicule another nation's approach to the virus, like Denmark or whoever. And that's not really what I was going for. I'm merely saying that singling out Sweden and claiming with total certainty that they're in the wrong and your nation's approach is so much better, is utterly flawed thinking. But again, I'm a dumb American so you can take my words with a grain of salt if you like.