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Balancing act 8 5, 3:32pm


No, not a "done deal".

Lyme Disease isn't called that all over the world, it's more correctly called Borrelia after the class of bacteria that causes it.
And Spanish flu certainly didn't originate in Spain - it was just first openly reported about from neutral Spain, since the outbreak started during the end of World War I and all major powers at war had news about the new disease suppressed by press censorship.
But the disease occurred in other countries around the world before it spread to Spain.

Nor is it a scientific norm or WHO protocol to name a disease after where it originated.
It's often hard (if not entirely impossible) to know for sure where a disease actually comes from, as they develop over time and mutate into what eventually become a disease severe enough to be discovered - so where exactly did that mutation happen?

Also - what's the point?
It doesn't matter where a disease originated - connecting a geographical name to a disease tells us nothing relevant about it.
Naming it in connection with the family of virus or bacteria it belongs to if far more factually relevant.

No, the push to rename the disease (because it already has a name, accepted by the rest of the world) originates with Trump and the republican party and is part of a desperate attempt to divert attention from the Trump administration own disastrous missmanagement of the response to the disease.

It's all about trying to blame China or the WHO - or anyone else - for the Trump administration and republicans own failures.

You wrote in another post that you where just a "dumb American".

Nowhere is that more true that if you fall for this easy diversionary tactic.