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Balancing act 8 5, 3:49pm

@comrade_Comrade Well compared with yesterday, Denmark had 9 deaths, Sweden 99.
Yes it is about flattening the curve, and Sweden has capacity still, but not locally, in Stockholm as an example they have had to transport patients out to other hospitals, that means that while they are still in clear nationally, they failed in their major city, with a higher death toll.

I don't know how assumes a lockdown would eliminate the virus, sounds more like a strawman than anything... Its what one does, if one has no real idea as to what will happen, and get some time to work it out. In Denmark a clear lack of testing and equipment meant the gov locked the country down, efforts were put in place to solve those shortfalls, and we are starting to open up again... Perhaps it is too early, perhaps we should have done so a month ago, that doesn't matter.

What makes me question the Swedes is their very high deathtoll compared, and people that assume that Sweden has done fine economically, when they as an export economy haven't been able to sell much anyway.