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Balancing act 8 5, 5:01pm

@Nisse_Hult Okay good points. But let me get this right out of the way. I'm neither a supporter of Trump nor do I condone the irresponsible mishandling of the virus here in America by the Trump administration. Quite the opposite, actually. My point is that these diseases have been known by these names, either colloquially or scientifically and noone bats an eye. But then you say Wuhan Virus and are accused of racism or bigotry of some other sort, which ridiculous. And the scientific or more accurate name is irrelevant in the argument. We don't call a wolf "Canis Lupis", we call it a wolf. It's a question of common language, not scientific terminology. And don't get me wrong, I'm not saying not to call it Covid 19, I'm saying calling it Wuhan Virus is not deserving of the level of criticism it gets.

Also, saying that the virus spread from china is not entirely false. Even Dr. Fauci, he himself being a well-known disputer of Trump's BS, points the finger at China. The Chinese wet markets have been a problem since before this pandemic, with scientists already having detected disease-causing bacteria in the infamous horseshoe bats at the center of it all, which Fauci points to as direct cause of the pandemic. Saying it's wrong to blame China for the outbreak is ignorant and excuses the horrible hygiene practices which may very well have started this whole pandemic. Trump tries to say China created this problem in a lab, which is obvious BS. Trump's administration tries to divert attention from their failings. That doesn't work. But scientists are still pointing the finger towards China, towards the consumption of bats sold in their wet markets. No matter where the virus itself first appeared and infected animals, it was in Wuhan that it blew up, and they made it all to easy. At the end of the day, yes, Trump needs to be held accountable for the failings of his administration to properly respond to this viral threat, and trying to avoid responsibility. But China should not get off scot-free either. It's not a question of which side to take. Both should be held accountable.