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Balancing act 8 5, 6:37pm

@RazTheOne I think it's fair to say that WHO description of the swedish response as a guide for other nations to be fair enough. The problem for Sweden in my uneducated opinion is that the comparatively ''lax'' response from the government. Formed by comparing with their neighbours who you could say was overreacting, may have made the swedes a bit too relaxed at a Critical moment.

When combined with the numerous cases of non symptomatic carriers. And you had a perfect storm of people who should have had strict isolation, being a bit too relaxed despite warnings from the government.

Compared with Norway where everyone was taking this overly serious, even in areas with recorded cases that could be counted on one hand. (My hometown had 1 case, and he had been in isolation from when he returned from a trip. And still everything pretty much locked down).

You avoid many cases thanks to ''No symptoms but i'll stay home or away from people just in case, not that i could do anything social anyway, both because everything is closed and that i'll get social pressure from everyone else.''