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Balancing act 8 5, 7:03pm

For those who believe they're superior to most, the keepers of the one and single truth, caught in a web of unjustified self-importance and looking down on others for not being Scandinavian or Swedish, I have some news for you:

No one knows.

We're currently dealing with a situation that's unprecedented for our generations, with an enemy that's still largely unknown, especially for long term effects. New aspects are discovered every day, theories on Covid-19 are adjusted daily. Consequentially, no one has answers on what's the right strategy on how to handle this right now. Not me, not experts, and certainly not Nisse_Hult, who presents his opinions and assumptions as facts, claiming that others must deliver scientific proof if they disagree with his thoughts. That's not just arrogance, it's downright dangerous for those who actually believe him.

As of today, most governments take decisions based on what information they have. Usually this information comes from real experts, sometimes from jokers like Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro, but most of it is based on educated guessing as of today. It's like playing poker, no one knows for sure if a decision was right until this is all over and we can start evaluating. So far most only seem to agree that trying something is better than doing nothing. To compare countries, states or regions with each other is something that doesn't make sense. A lot of factors, like for example demography and normal social patterns and behavior have a huge impact, and those differ significantly per country, county and even community. Heck, countries even disagree on how to calculate their statistics on infected, hospitalized and diseased Covid-patients. Anyway, as a Norwegian comedian pointed out: nothing will change in Finland if they suddenly have to start doing social distancing.

The UN recently posted a statement about how the world currently experiences a 'tsunami of hatred' due to the Coronavirus and people and nations fighting each other over who handles this best and pissing on those who have a different approach. 'Foreigners/Jews/Muslims make us ill', 'Nation X must really hate its elderly', that kind of crap. Given some of the reactions here, I see truth in that statement. Please stop it.

Please, just keep a positive spirit and make the best of it. If you survive, then you have a great story to tell future generations. Try to learn from each other, try to cooperate, so that we can get back (or forward) to a new normal again as soon as possible. Find new challenges or hobbies while in quarantine. Fighting doesn't solve anything, your opinion about this disease or how to handle it isn't better than that of anyone else, including mine.

Thank you.