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Balancing act 9 5, 6:32am

@Sisu You are a petty fool, use the noose on yourself if you can't be civil.

BTW I don't like trump. Never voted for him, never will. I routinely call him idiot-in-chief for a reason. Just because I don't side with the BS flowing around or acknowledge when he does something good doesn't mean I like him. I don't like the Democratic party either. More than both, I really don't like our media that feeds not only us, but the world propaganda - mostly from the Democratic Party.

The majority of crap they report on Trump would either have been considered not newsworthy or covered up had it been a democratic party president (see Obama) or in some cases even a normal republican. It is also rather clear by now that right or wrong he's in the wrong. He does plenty on his own, the media doesn't need to swamp the news in BS. We've had 4 years of this pettiness, it's already gone well past old. I can't believe the number of people who haven't realized they are angry because the media wants them to be.