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Balancing act 9 5, 8:34am

@ImportViking If this virus worked differently, I would be right there saluting you and encouraging people to do their own thing. HOWEVER...

-people can be contagious for up to 2 weeks without showing symptoms
-the virus lingers on surfaces and in the air for an incredibly long time (days for metal, 24-hours for cardboard, 3-4 hours in the air).
-it is far more contagious than influenza, infecting much easier

These are FACTS. Straight up, indisputable, don’t-care-if-you-don’t-like-it FACTS. As such, any critically-thinking human being would look at them... ESPECIALLY the first one, how asymptomatic people are contagious for so long... and say to themselves, “Holy hell monkeys, THIS IS SERIOUS!!!” I can forgive people who believe the conspiracies that it was made in a lab, because if I had to custom develop a more insidious virus for a game or movie, I don’t think I could. If it had the fatality rate of Ebola, we would *literally* be talking about the end of humanity as a species.

As such, no... no, I do NOT have to respect people who have different ideas of how to handle this pandemic, when those ideas fly in the face of what we know. If Covid-19 killed quickly... like, say, you lick someone’s eyeball in the morning, start looking pale 30-minutes later, and die in a pool of your own blood before dinner... then sure! Open up the businesses and schools and water parks for the idiots! More power to them!

BUT... IT... DOESN’T!!! Mr. Ain’t No Gubmint Gonna Tell Me What To Do attends a “Wuhan Virus is a Hoax!” rally, gets infected... LIKE SENSIBLE PEOPLE WARNED HIM HE WOULD; goes home, spreading his germs on every door knob and gas station pump for hundred of kilometers; thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands of people come into contact with this asshole or surfaces he contaminated in the two weeks before he develops his cough, saying “Oh dern! Maybe I shudda stayed home more.” By the time this dumbass has learned his lesson, it’s too late; he’s spread this disease like a cluster bomb over his community.

I’m not even getting into the growing trend of deniers purposefully coughing in the faces of people choosing to wear masks.

What I’m trying to say is this: the way this disease works, we’re all in this together. If some of us want to go their own way, and trust it’ll work itself out, THAT PUTS ALL OF US AT RISK.