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Balancing act 9 5, 1:57pm

'@Schnakenburg' moving people to other hospitals is preferable to not having facilities or equipment at all. Failing to contain infection so contagious in a major city is not a big surprise. Interesting example was New York, where, apparently, majority of cases requiring hospitalizations were people self-isolating at home.

Sweden's decision to not close the border early on was probably a wrong call, but aside from that I suppose that difference in outcomes is down to demographics, success in tracing contacts of infected persons, and luck. The biggest issue is that with virus so infectious any country is just one asymptomatic carrier away from having a second peak.

For a lot of people in US and UK Sweden's example is positive not in that their economy doing good or not, but in that it didn't spawn a horde of bureaucrats putting people under effectively house arrest and surveillance without court order.