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Balancing act 9 5, 2:19pm

@Nisse_Hult och @Elina.
Interesting enough so are you both wrong.

1. Read up on "Ministerstyre" the Swedish government and any government member is by law forbidden from giving orders so they are basically not part of the decision process righ now, and as they are not even saying especially much in the media that is rather cleare.

2. Old folks homes are under the preview of "Socialstyrelsen" not "folkhälsomyndigheten".
So Anders do only have a limited amount of influence over those.

3. As for the whole "not putting old people in intensive care",
That is both true and false.
As being put in a ventilator for two weeks are rather stressfull for the body if you are in the best of form they have chosen to not intubate some of the oldest and already weekest covid-19 sufferers as those would not survive the time in the ventilator even if they did not have covid-19