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Balancing act 9 5, 11:39pm


Everywhere has restrictions - what you are advocating for is total lock down.
Which doesn't work in the long run - which is why every nations that has instituted such policies are now lifting them.

If you are arguing that different parts of France has different outcomes because they went into lock down at different dates you have to prove they did - I have not seen any sources saying they did.

Instead it's mostly a question of patterns of international travel where the virus spread more widely early on. Places with much such travel saw widespread infection before anyone realized the disease was even in the country.

Ah yes - of course you want to compare Sweden and Norway.

But why not Sweden and the dozens of other countries that have gone into lock down and STILL suffered higher per capita death rates?

Which proves that lock down isn't the magical solution you think it is - there are many, many more factors that decides the death rate.

No serious scientist have claimed a vaccine will be ready as early as in the fall - most estimates are 1-1½ years away - and that would still be extremely quick.
I'm not sure a vaccine against a brand new disease has ever been developed that quickly before.

No country in the world has enough suitable PPE for their elderly care - it's one of the main reasons there are so much infection being spread there.

There was - and still is - a global shortage of everything needed to protect against the spread of the virus and most countries health care services barely have enough.

And elderly care is prioritized lower, so they get even less supplies of PPE.

Which again doesn't justify you singling out Sweden as somehow "sacrificing" it's elderly population, since every country on earth is having the same problem.