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Balancing act 10 5, 10:20am

@CorruptUser His "close the borders" didn't happen in january. Although he's been harping on that for the past four years, it was several months after january where he did that. No, January was the "It's not important, don't worry about it" phase. After that came the "it's not a big deal, it'll pass through". and even worse after that was the infamous "it'll be cured by easter!" Let's be honest with ourselves here, by the time he did the close the borders bit, it was too late for us. It'd be more of a favor to mexico at that point. 'Course that brings us to today "we won, shut down the task over, good job everyone!"

But go ahead, keep assuming people's criticisms of his actions are invalid. What do I care, it's the people in "his" states who have the most to lose at this point *shrugs* Can't really help people who are intent on shooting themselves in the foot.