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Balancing act 24 5, 2:38am

Apologies for replying to the "wrong" post, SatW comment system is a mess.

> True, hence why I brought forth the number of deaths on that day.
> Sweden is roughly twice as big in population to Denmark, so that gives you a comparison … What the number tells us is that on that day, Sweden had roughly 5 times the mortality rate...

It does *not*. To compare mortality rate, we need total number of Covid cases, not just country population. And this number very much depends on number of tests conducted.

> But you are wrong on the claim that we will only have the data after the pandemic, we get regular updates on that...

No. You misunderstand my words and epidemiology in general, my friend. We won't have definitive data on mortality before pandemics end. It is statistically impossible. We can get some projections, of course. And yes, so far Sweden has higher mortality rate than Denmark. Could it be because healthcare system is overstressed? Of course! But it doesn't mean that it is. Mortality rate in Denmark is almost twice that of Norway. Does it mean that Denmark hospitals are overwhelmed, too? I don't think so.

I'd like to point out that I don't say that Sweden healthcare system works just fine — I don't know. If there aren't enough wards, this will be out in the news pretty soon, believe you me. That sort of stuff is reported even here in Russia (I doubt about state media, I only follow independent ones).

Another funny thing is that Sweden still does *much* better than UK, for example. 14% mortality rate, that's insane! They might as well burn the infected ones at stake or something.