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Balancing act 24 5, 3:01am

> I trust science, but I don't trust scientists, when we will get final final summary on covid I will trust it

Huh? So when is "final summary" final enough? What do you plan to rely on meanwhile, hearsay and rumours?

> Now we have panic spreading "scientists/medics: "20 infections per day, it is terrible" that is 100 times below even to call even flu epidemic.... But some "experts" call it disaster....

Of course some people are fearmongers and panic-prone. They might call themselves experts, and they even might be ones, but everybody could be wrong. From what I can see, situation in Lithuania is quite under control, so I would like to read why those experts believe 20 new cases per day to be a problem. The real question is, what do you do now? Let's say there were twice as many cases (asymptomatic) as discovered. It's still very small percentage of total population, most of Lithuanians are as vulnerable to Covid-19 as three months ago.