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Balancing act 24 5, 4:15pm

Well now we know for sure some things. At least in Lithuania's case. Most cases are asymptomatic so death/infections rates are a lot lower then those flounted 5%. Some countries used "fast tests" to see if you are infected, but it also tests positive if you were sick before. So overall numbers might be higher or lower. Only positive way for me to believe infected numbers is to wait out until few cases are seen daily worldwide. Then test at least 20% of population of Earth.

What I plan to rely on? Nothing, I stopped reading anything Covid related. I just do same as I do in flu season. I keep distance from others, I don't shop for 3-4 months and etc.

Talking about Lithuania's situation it was never out of control. We had ~10 cases/day from beginning. We have 1000~ cases. More than half asymptomatic. If we didn't carry out mass testings it would be ~300-400.

"The real question is, what do you do now?" Continue as we did. While they say we had quarantine, it was only in name. If you are only asked to wear mask in public, mass gatherings are banned and travel restrictions to go abroad, can you call that quarantine. For 99.99% of Lithuanians life hasn't changed and won't...