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New Hights 3 6, 11:26am

@NobleHam The box-springs used to be actual springs, before mattresses with springs inside were a thing. Then, after inner-spring mattresses, the mattress makers introduced "box-springs" to make beds the same height they had been with "outer-springs," so bed coverings would work the same. Which are silly otherwise, since that box-spring is just a box. A satin covered box.

Personally, I got one of those raised frames, so the mattress is still the same height, with over twelve inches of storage underneath, instead of less than six. This does illustrate how useless the box-spring is, even to mattress makers, though. The last time I bought a mattress, I told them to keep the box-spring, as I didn't need it, and they took a whole ten dollars off the purchase price. Meaning it's basically worthless except to add a bit of bulk.