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May I offer you some Jesus? 21 6, 3:45pm

An old story:

An English missionary went to a southern island to teach the pagan natives right from wrong, and give them some god damn Jesus. After a prolonged stay, the language barrier was overcome and a one way exchange of information begun. After a few years, enough of heaven and hell, sins and damnation had been taught so one of the chieftains finally came up to ask:
"This jesus fellow, he really likes to throw people into burning pits for even the smallest things huh?"
"Well, no, Jesus is love."
"Then, why dont he love us as we were?"
"Because you didnt believe in him!"
"So, would we all have been thrown into the burning hole if you hadnt come?"
"Well, no. You didnt know the rules yet."
"So... why did you tell us?"